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7 Things to Do for a Healthy Spine

Our spines are the foundational support for our entire body. How cool, right? But, like Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” To keep our spine powerful and able to do its job, it’s our responsibility to keep it happy and healthy. 

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Tips for Buying a Spine-Safe Mattress

When we sleep, our body is able to completely relax, allowing it time to heal and get rejuvenated for the next day ahead. If you’re dealing with a back injury or disorder, quality sleep is especially important for your healing process. One way to improve your quality of sleep, whether you’re healing from an injury or not, is to use a spine-safe mattress. Here, we’ve outlined some tips to help you buy a mattress that will be safe and comfortable for your back, neck and spine.

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Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: What It Is & How We Treat It

If you’ve recently undergone and healed from a back procedure but begin to experience new or persistent pain, you might have failed back or failed fusion surgery syndrome. Below, we’ve outlined some important information about this issue and how Dr. Petersen can help you treat it.

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Six Gifts to Give Your Friend with Back Pain

While the holidays are a happy time for most, people who suffer from back pain can often dread this time of year. Put your friends and family with back pain first this holiday season by buying them a gift that can provide relief well after Santa has gone back to the North Pole. Here are six gifts you can give your friend with back pain this year!

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Four Stretches to Relieve Sciatica

Sciatica is pain that runs along the sciatic nerve. It happens when one or more of the nerves that make up the large sciatic nerve are irritated or pinched, causing pain in the buttocks, back of leg and, sometimes, the foot. 

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Herniated Disc: What It Is, Causes & Our Treatment Methods

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the incidence of a herniated disc is about 5 to 20 per 1,000 adults annually, which is a large number considering there are nearly 330 million people living in the United States alone. And, because symptoms vary between patient to patient, some of which cause no pain at all, they frequently go undetected until pain and severity increases, causing limitations in day-to-day activities. At Petersen Neurospine, we treat this condition quite often. Below we share what a herniated disc is, what causes it and how we help you treat it.

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teen studying

Six Spine-Saving Tips for Your School Aged Kids or Teens

School is back in session, which means your children and teens will be spending countless hours sitting at their desks, hunched over computers or studying into the wee hours of the night. These long hours sitting and studying in the same position can lead to long-term back pain and spinal issues. 

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