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How to Reduce Back Pain at the Office

Sitting in an office chair. Staring at a computer screen. These are just some of the actions we perform every day while working, whether we’re at a corporate or a home office. Eventually, these actions can lead to poor posture which can lead to prolonged back and neck pain.

Here are a few ways you can lower your risk for pain while working at an office.

Keep Your Shoulders Over Your Hips

Having proper body alignment will help improve your posture. We recommend keeping your shoulders over your hips while sitting and standing to help keep your spine in a strong vertical line. 

Pro tip: When you feel your posture slipping, roll your neck around, roll your shoulders back and take a few deep breaths. Engage your core and then sit up straight.

Move Around

Something that also helps when you feel your posture slipping is to get up and move around. When your muscles tire, slouching and slumping becomes more common. This is why it’s important to take a break from sitting to stretch, stand or walk around. Just two minutes of movement every half hour can truly make a difference for your back and neck.

Use an Ergonomic Office Chair

Choosing a good office chair is key to preventing back and neck pain. When searching for the right chair, you want one that is adjustable to your height as well as the length of your torso and legs. We also recommend getting a chair that offers support for your lower back, like curvature features or pillow inserts. There are fantastic alternatives to traditional office chairs available, too, like Swedish kneeling chairs, exercise balls and standing desks. The best thing to do is visit your nearest office supply store to test out chairs, read reviews and determine which chair is right for you.

Place Your Screen at Eye Level

For optimal posture, your gaze should be aimed at the center of your computer screen. Next time you’re at your desk, try closing your eyes, slowly reopening them and assess your gaze. If your screen is higher or lower than your gaze, your screen should be adjusted.


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