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Six Gifts to Give Your Friend with Back Pain

While the holidays are a happy time for most, people who suffer from back pain can often dread this time of year. Put your friends and family with back pain first this holiday season by buying them a gift that can provide relief well after Santa has gone back to the North Pole. Here are six gifts you can give your friend with back pain this year!

Heating Pad

Heat application can help reduce muscle tension and inflammation, both of which can cause back and neck pain. While it’s not a flashy gift, a heating pad will be much appreciated by someone who suffers from back pain, especially in the lower lumbar.

Deep Tissue Massage Gun

In recent years, rechargeable deep tissue massage guns have become extremely popular, especially with the rise in notoriety of ThermaGuns. There are a wide variety of massage guns to choose from, including compact, mini massagers and larger devices with multiple heads and speeds. For budget-friendly options, we recommend looking on Amazon.

Foam Roller

Sometimes back pain is muscle-related, especially for the fitness fanatics in our lives. A foam roller is a soft cylindrical device that can be used for self-massage to release muscle tightness and painful trigger points. If you’re friends with an athlete, this is a fantastic gift option.

Spine-Friendly Office Chair

Do you have a friend who works from home or is often sitting in a chair all day? We recommend splurging on a spine-friendly office chair. A good chair can help prevent or eliminate lower back pain.

Epsom Salt Gift Set

What’s better than a relaxing bath at home after weeks of holiday parties and family gatherings? An epsom salt gift set is a thoughtful  present for your friends and family with back pain. Epsom salt is a mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium helps reduce inflammation while sulfate helps flush out toxins. This combination relieves stress and muscle cramps.

Yoga Studio Gift Card

Like we have said in many of our other articles, yoga is a fantastic way to alleviate back pain. Purchase your friend with back pain a gift card to a local studio. This is a great way for them to experience different types of yoga and find out which helps their pain the most.


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