Revision Surgery (Cervical or Lumbar)

Revision Surgery (Cervical or Lumbar)

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Revision spinal surgery is a reparative procedure performed on a patient who has already undergone previous spinal surgery. The most common reason for revision spinal surgery is continuing pain from what we determine is a previous failed surgery. Typically, by 3 months after a surgery has been completed, any lingering pain should be gone. When a patient is still reporting chronic pain after this time, it may be recommended that revision spinal surgery is necessary.

The goal of the second surgery is to reduce or eliminate pain and allow the patient to resume work and other normal activities. Besides chronic pain, revision spinal surgery may be necessary to repair a surgery that was performed incorrectly or at an incorrect site or to correct postsurgical complications.

Dr. Petersen has over 20 years of operative experience treating patients who had surgery elsewhere but still had a need for further treatment. He is an expert at diagnosing and treating patients who have experienced a failed surgery. His conservative approach includes treatment plans such as physical therapy, medication, injections, or nerve blocks prior to recommending surgery.

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