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Tips for Buying a Spine-Safe Mattress

spine-safe mattress

When we sleep, our body is able to completely relax, allowing it time to heal and get rejuvenated for the next day ahead. If you’re dealing with a back injury or disorder, quality sleep is especially important for your healing process. One way to improve your quality of sleep, whether you’re healing from an injury or not, is to use a spine-safe mattress. Here, we’ve outlined some tips to help you buy a mattress that will be safe and comfortable for your back, neck and spine.

Replace Your Mattress Every 6-8 Years

There are several factors to consider when determining how long you should use your mattress before replacing it, including the quality of the mattress, your size and weight, and general wear and tear from moving or pets. But, a good rule of thumb is to replace your mattress every 6-8 years or when you begin to notice that your mattress is not as supportive as it once was.

Take Your Time

Most of us want our mattresses to last the full 6-8 years, providing us optimal comfort while we sleep. Buying a mattress, similar to buying a car or house, should not be a rushed process. We recommend taking your time to find the right mattress for you. This includes doing research online and going to furniture and mattress stores to test them out. The more time you spend making this decision will increase the likelihood of purchasing the perfect mattress for you. 

Test Them Out

There are a wide variety of mattress brands available to choose from, many of which differ in materials, level of firmness and other factors. This is why we recommend shopping around to find the best fit for you. Many mattress and furniture stores will allow you to lay on the mattresses, testing them out for comfortability. If you don’t have a mattress store where you live, there are also many online brands that allow you to test a mattress for up to 30 days.

If you’re experiencing prolonged back and neck pain, please reach out to our office to schedule a consult with Dr. Petersen. It is likely that your issues stem from something different than your mattress.


Dr. Bendt P. Petersen is an orthopaedic and neurospine surgical specialist with over twenty years in operative clinical practice. He is a fellowship-trained surgeon whose practice is the only one in the Mobile-area devoted exclusively to the treatment of your spine.

The Center for Spine Health employs the most advanced operative and non-operative therapies in concert with the most highly-trained physical therapists and other advanced ancillary practitioners to help you live the life you want to live.

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